13 endorsed by the Cultural Heritage Fund

Cultural Heritage Fund Larvik Fritjof II Pilot vesselPilot vessel Frithjof II in Larvik has received funding from the Cultural Heritage Fund twice before. The Cultural Heritage Fund considers it positive and important that the vessel is used for general purpose in maritime activities in the traditional way, adapted to children, youngsters and adults. Here from an trip earlier in June, with Manager Einar Engen and Mayor Rune Høiseth in the middle, flanked by board members and friends in the Pilot Vessel Frithjof II Foundation. Photo: Stiftelsen Losskøyta Frithjof II

13 Vestfold projects endorsed by the Cultural Heritage Fund

The Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund has distributed its annual funds. 13 cultural monuments in Vestfold are preserved due to grants from the Fund.


A total of 13 projects have received NOK 2.7 million in grants all-in-all. There were 21 applications from Vestfold that asked for a total of NOK five million.

The number of applications to the Cultural Heritage Fund (Kulturminnefondet) has increased a lot in recent years. The Cultural Heritage Fund is helping to save more cultural monuments across Norway than ever before.

City and towns is a priority area, and for the past two years, the application volume from Oslo has increased by more than twice from the years before.

– The Cultural Heritage Fund is a low-threshold offer for private owners, and we are working hard to simplify the application process. The large amount of applications indicates that we are on the right track in this work, says Director of the Cultural Heritage Fund, Simen Bjørgen.

He is also pleased that the Government has strengthened the Cultural Heritage Fund with increased grants, which makes it possible to support more worthy initiatives across the country.

No application deadline

The Cultural Heritage Fund previously had one annual application deadline, but as of 2019 onwards this will change. Then the application deadline will be gone and it will be possible to apply all year round. Private owners of protectable cultural heritage can already submit their application for support for 2019, but no decision is made before the New Year.

The list of allotted grants in Vestfold

Project  Applicant  Location Amount
Vinduer – Holmestrand Museumsforening Holmestrand Museumsforening  Holmestrand 340,000
Sandefjord Kurbad Anett Kristiansen  Sandefjord 350,000
Paalsestua på Hagenes Hammerverk Anne-Lotte Gulbrandsen  Larvik 200,000
Colin Archers gate 4 Celine Vik Olsen og Tom Kristensen  Larvik 150,000
Havnegata 4 Åsgårdstrand Sjømannsforening  Horten 150,000
Ishavsskuta Berntine Li AS Thorvald M. Haraldsen  Tønsberg 600,000
Tufte Gård – kåpestabbur Helge Hammelow-Berg  Sandefjord 200,000
Låvevegg Søndre Årø Sameie  Nøtterøy 90,000
Roa – Hvalfangerhjem Hilde Marie Helgesen Mosebekk  Larvik 20,000
Karljohansvern – Det Røde Hus Henry Noss Gundersen og Greta H Klemetsen  Horten 32,000
Fevang Søndre bryggerhus Thea Mørk Engelstad  Sandefjord 98,000
Tønsberg kystkultursenter Loggen kystlag  Tønsberg 300,000
Losskøyta Frithjof Stiftelsen Losskøyta Fritjof  Larvik 200,000


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