Amazon buys Norwegian book – ensures global rights

Author Janne Stigen DrangsholtAuthor Janne Stigen Drangsholt.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The American book and e-commerce, giant Amazon has acquired the global rights to Janne S. Drangsholt novel “Ingrid Winters makeløse mismot ”

– I was immediately impressed by the plausible story, of humor, but also of the deeper and underlying philosophy and reflections on contemporary society.

We believe the book has exactly what it takes to appeal to an international audience, writes Amazon editor Elizabeth DeNoma in an email to the newspaper VG.

The publisher of the Norwegian edition, Richard Aarø, says it is the first time a Norwegian author, agent or publishers have experienced an interest from Amazon.

– This means a lot to whole industry here. What we do know is that Amazon knows more about the book market than anyone else now, said Aarø.

The protagonist even trying yet to slow down the distribution on the news and not let the noise completely spread out.

– My strategy is never to celebrate something, but rather to talk less about it as much as I can. It works terrific. If it goes badly, I can say: I knew it.

But obviously it is stately to work with Amazon, not to mention it’s fun to be translated, says Drangsholt.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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