Student receive their student loan in June

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Student receive their student loan in June

On June 15, 170,000 students  will receive around 2,600 kroner in an extra payment from  Lånekassen. It is the first step in the escalation to eleven months of support. Lånekassen provides state funded loans and grants to students.


Stortinget decided last year that they should step up education aid gradually from ten to eleven months over a four-year period. This year students receive money for one extra week.

However, the happy extra money on their  account only applies to full-time students in higher education or vocational education.

Those who finish the education in a month other than June may receive the payment at another time throughout the year.

In total, full time students can now receive NOK 111,657 in basic support for the school year 2017-2018. Lånekassen encourages students to apply already now.


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