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UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Norway Today
UIT The Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university of the world.

Its location on the edge of the Arctic implies a mission. The Arctic is of increasing global importance. Climate change, the exploitation of Arctic resources and environmental threats are topics of great public concern, and which the University of Tromsø takes special interest in. At UiT The Arctic University of Norway you can explore global issues from a close-up perspective.

Knowlege on top of the world

Life in the High North is shaped by wild nature, contrasting light and weather conditions, geographic distances and multiculturalism. Many of UiT´s research centres and study programmes reflect the specific character of Arctic Norway.

UiT´s key research focuses on the polar environment, climate research, indigenous people, peace and conflict transformation, telemedicine, medical biology, space physics, fishery science, marine biosprospecting, linguistics and computational chemistry.

UiT´s Centre for Advanced Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, CASTL, and CTCC, Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, have both been designated Norwegian Centres of Excellence. In 2002 the Tromsø-based NST, Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, was appointed a World Health Organization Collaboration Centre.

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