Coop with bonus on reusable bags

Knut Lutnæs, Environmental Manager in Coop Norway, encourages customers to use the reusable bag. To motivate the use thereof, Coop launches a reuse bonus on the bag.. Photo: Coop Norge

Coop introduces a reuse bonus on shopping bags

Coop hands out free shopping bags to of it’s all members and introduces at the same time a reuse bonus. By doing this, the grocery giant hopes that the shopping bags will actually be used.



– In Coop, we are committed to tangible environmental measures. Probably there are several thousand unused shopping bags lying about in drawers and cabinets across the country. Coop wishes that the shopping bags that are available in stores from August will be used, thus giving the members NOK 1 in reuse bonus when they use them, says Environmental Manager in Coop Norway, Knut Lutnæs.

The «Coop Cleans Norway» campaign simplified the clearing of the coastline for the more than 30,000 volunteers that participated.

– Now we want to make it even easier to use less plastic, says Knut Lutnæs.

Initially, the bonus will apply for August and September, but if it is a success, the bonus can become permanent. In total, Coop hopes that 700,000 members will pick up shopping bags from their stores; Extra, Obs, Coop Mega, Coop Prix, Coop Market, and Matkroken (Food Corner).

Cuts the use of fossil plastics

Coop just now launches their packaging strategy. The company will cut the use of fossil plastics by 25 per cent, and by increased use of recycled and recyclable materials set a new standard in the grocery business.

– Sustainability has a natural and central place in Coop. We are owned by the customers and therefore have a responsibility to take our member’s concerns related to plastic consumption and plastic disposal seriously. We are keen on taking real measures and now introduce, in addition to cutting 25 per cent use of plastics, reuse bonus on the use of shopping bags, says Lutnæs.

In practice, this means that the shopping bags will have two barcodes. One for purchases and one for reuse. That way, customers can get a bonus at the self-checkout counters as well.

– In line with Coop’s packaging strategy, the shopping bags are manufactured from renewable materials. The plastic is made from sugar cane and is the most environmentally friendly option on the market today. The bags can be used hundreds of times and recycled as regular plastic when worn out, says Lutnæs.

Coop Norway Shopping bag

Coop Norway introduces bonus when using their reusable shopping bags. Photo: Coop Norge


  • NOK 1 in reuse bonus using the shopping bag in August and September
  • All members will receive a voucher for a free shopping bag in the Member app or on their website (under “my page”)
  • All new members get free shopping bag when they sign up

Packaging Strategy

  • Coop is going to reduce the use of fossil plastics
    Coop will reduce the use of oil-based plastics by 25 per cent before 2025. We will achieve this by phasing out disposable products based on plastics, cutting the use of unnecessary packaging and using renewable and recycled materials.
  • Coop will use recoverable packaging material
    The packaging of Coop’s own brand merchandise is to be recyclable and reused.
  • Coop will use recycled packaging materials
    The packaging for Coop’s own brand products shall, as far as possible, be manufactured from recycled materials.
  • Coop does not use harmful chemicals
    The packaging of Coop’s own brand products do not, and will not, contain harmful chemicals.
  • Coop will have packaging that contributes to our zero vision regarding food waste
    Coop is going to improve and develop packaging to reduce food waste, in line with our zero vision goal.


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