Increased fee gives less waste in Bergen

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Increased fee gives less waste in Bergen

Since Bergensians have to pay extra if they put out more than one trash can per month, the number of pick ups has decreased from 40 to 27 per household per year.


In a test scheme, the Bergensians must pay NOK 30 extra if they put out the trash more than once a month, according to NRK. It has significantly reduced the amount of household waste in a year.

The project was introduced 18 months ago. The fee has gone down slightly for one pickup a month, but in return, the Bergensian people have to pay a little over NOK 30 every time if they want to throw away more.

Significant results

Communications Manager Mette Nygård Havre in BIR says that the new fee model has yielded significant results.

– Before we introduced the trial project with a flexible fee model, the Bergensians put out their waste 40 times a year on average. But now, after we introduced the fee model, we are down to 27 empyings a year, Havre says to NRK.

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