Oceana: Kelp forests under threat

Mussels Kelp OceanaMussels. Photo: Oceana.org

Oceana: Kelp forests under threat

As some of us are already aware, kelp is not only a nuisance when you want to bathe – but actually full of nutients. Unsustainable harvesting of kelp is however a threat to much of marine life. Many species rely on the kelp forests in the early stages of life. Oceana is currently on an expedition to map the marine life in the North Sea.



Kelp has been a source of nutrients, and a matter of survival for humans, for numerous years. It has mainly been used as a fertilizer in hand to mouth farming, but has been found to contain a lot of vital nutrients. The main importance is however it’s role in the life cycle of many marine animals in the early stage of life. Current lack of regulations regarding the preservation of this habitat is a major threat to not only marine life, but to humanity itself.

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