The EU asks Norway to stop whaling

Whale whalingWhale.Photo: Adam Butler / SCANPIX

The EU asks Norway to stop whaling

The EU Parliament urges Norway to stop whaling and believes that the EU should ensure that whale meat is no longer transported through EU ports.


Despite an international ban on commercial whaling, Norway has hunted more than 13,000 whales. This is confirmed in a press release from the European Parliament on Tuesday.

– The EU Parliament urges Norway to suspend all commercial whaling and follow the International Whaling Commission’s (IWC) moratorium.

Representatives also want the EU Commission to provide information on whale meat transports shipped via EU ports, and no whale meat is transported through these hubs, the statement goes on to say.

The European Parliament points out that Norway increased the whaling quota to 999 individuals in the 2017 season, from 880 in 2016. Norway’s exports of whale meat have also increased sharply in recent years, according to the EU.


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