Norway drops down one spot on equality barometer

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Norway has been re-positioned from second to third place for the World Economic Forum’s global equality barometer.

All the Nordic Countries hold a high position on the ranking.

While a year ago, it was only Island that had more equality than Norway and Finland has also snuck past Norway this year, reports VG newspaper. Positioned just below Norway is our Swedish neighbours.

Norway is considered to have 84.2 percent equality, compared to 85 percent a year ago. The barometer measures countries on four main areas. Norway’s best result comes from the political participation, with third place, while we are way down to 68th place in terms of health.

– This is mainly due to projections for how long a child in today’s society can expect to maintain good health.

In Norway the average age expectancy is 69 years for men and 72 for women. Many other countries have better figures than Norway, explains Till Alexander Leopold, one of the authors of the report.

He cites two main points when he explains why Norway has slightly dropped a spot on the final ranking.

– It is mainly due to payment for equal work, where Norway falls from 2nd to 5th place and estimates for the average salary.

We have adjusted the boundaries somewhat, so that Norway is a little worse, says Leopold.
Rwanda who is in fifth place is the last country that achieves 80 percent or more on the barometer.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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