Train seats in Bergen almost twice as expensive


The project of a new tunnel and upgrading of the railway line between Bergen and Arna has become almost twice as expensive in three years. The budget is now more than 3 billion.

There is still over half a year to go before the tunnel machine Ulrikke will have finished digging through the mountains, but the costs are piling up.
The price tag for the new stretch and the associated improvements are right under 7 billion. Basically it should come in just under 3.9 billion, said newspaper Bergens Tidende.
– This should not come as a surprise to some. We have from day one reported that the cost estimate has been too low, says project manager Hans-Egil Larsen.
Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen has received reports that Jernbaneverket has no control on the project.
The upgraded cost comes from a new report, which is designed to ensure the quality mission again after it became clear that the budget was going to burst.
The tunnel alone is now on track to reach 4.4 billion, more than the entire project originally was going to cost.
To complete the construction Solvik-Olsen must seek more money from Parliament. The minister has refused to comment on the matter to the newspaper.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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