Trump will have to pay $25 million after litigation

President Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump.(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Judge has approved a settlement.

A US judge has approved a settlement that means that President Donald J. Trump will have to pay NOK 215 million in litigation related to Trump University.

Trump has been accused of fraud by people who have taken Trump University courses that should teach people to make money on real estate.

In the election campaign Trump promised to fight against compensation claims. After he won the presidential election, he accepted the settlement, which means that he has to pay $25 million – equivalent to NOK 215 million.

The settlement was approved by Judge Gonzalo Curiel of San Diego. He was in last year’s election campaign strongly criticized by Trump, who argued that Curiel was not to be considered neutral as he has a Mexican background. At this point, Trump’s proposed wall along the border with Mexico received much attention.

Trump University was closed several years ago in the wake of allegations of fraud. The settlement puts an end to almost seven years of conflict between Trump and the former students.

The settlement does not mean that Trump admits guilt. He claimed after the election that he would have won any trial, but that he as president could not give priority to fight in court.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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