04/09/2015- Oslo 12:20 PM
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Fri, 04 Sep 2015

Children handed over the constitution proposals to the king

Norway Today
How would the Constitution have been if the younger members of the community did decide?
How would the Constitution have been if the younger members of the community did decide? A bunch of kindergarten children showed up at the Palace to give the king their proposals.
Constitution Bicentennial are marked also in the nation's kindergartens. Democracy and participation has been the subject during the sharing time and last but  not least been tried out in everyday life. Children have also been able to create their own constitution.
"We will have nice hands" and "We will say kind words." There are the first two paragraphs of the constitutional proposal kids from Chapel Road kindergarten in Oppegård brought with them to Oslo on Friday. They act that one should not beat or tease.
Six five and six year olds, correctly dressed in dresses, shirts and ribbons in both the neck and in the hair, were escorted to the Minister lounge for a chat with the king of this and much else Friday.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today 
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