20/12/2014- Oslo 21:44 PM
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Sat, 20 Dec 2014

Palace Square poses in touch - in one year

Norway Today
Palace Square to be perfect when Constitution Day will be celebrated next year.

Tuesday started to remove the old cover and add new, fast gravel surfaces. Once the dust had settled after children's parade  17 May and the Pentecost were done, took excavators Castle Square.

The square is known in very poor condition. The combination of loose gravel, old, contaminated asphalt under the gravel and sloping terrain allows large amounts of gravel flows down Castle Hill when it rains. This creates problems with unsightly holes and cracks in the space, and streams of pebbles down to Frederiks gate.

Therefore, both the Royal Palace and Castle Hill rehabilitated. The work is led by Public Construction in collaboration with the Royal Court, Cultural Heritage and Oslo. First, in October / November, the work to be completed, according to the Public Construction.

Old gravel and asphalt to be removed, new wear-and subbase and new top cover is added, and it should be made a new drainage system. The surface layer should resemble today's most, but the reddish gravel shall be fixed with a transparent adhesive so it can not be taken away by rainwater.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today 

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