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Wed, 02 Sep 2015

The Royal Family served lamb from their own farm

Norway Today
Lamb from Bygdø stood on the menu when King Harald and Queen Sonja invited,,,
Lamb from Bygdø stood on the menu when King Harald and Queen Sonja invited members of parliament to dinner at the Royal Palace.
With 214 at the table - including inter alia government - started the dinner with sugar salted salmon , herring caviar and cucumber. This was followed by scallops and shellfish broth, and then paralyzed from Bygdø served with mushrooms and artichoke . The meal ended with plums , including those also from the palace .
- You all have a long campaign behind you, and many might still be slightly colored by the outcome. Some spoke of election day as a Blue Monday for the coalition . Here at the Palace , we are known as the color-blind - at least politically. Whatever color : It 's good to see you all together, said King Harald in his speech.
In his speech drew the king also revealed that the newly refurbished Palace Square opened earlier that day , half a year before the scheduled time.
- Palace Square has been properly superb - light and nice . We now hope that it stays where it should be, and that not everything runs into the sand. And so we hope the place is not too tempting to fresh road trips down the stairs in front of Karl Johan Statue , as has happened in previous dinners here at the Palace. This also applies to those of you with a new experience as a taxi driver , joked the king - with obvious reference to Eli Hagen`s trip down the stairs in 2001 and Jens Stoltenberg's  stunt campaign earlier this year.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today 
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