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Wed, 04 Mar 2015

Hagen provides NOK 100 million to prostate research

Norway Today
Stein Erik Hagen provides NOK100 million for prostate research,
Stein Erik Hagen provides NOK100 million for prostate research, and envisages that it may eventually become a Norwegian hospital for treatment of prostate cancer.
Hagen , who has had prostate cancer and was treated for that in the United States is concerned that there is a much higher mortality in Norway than in other countries . In the United States dies each year 9.5 percent of those with prostate cancer. In Norway dies 18 percent. Every fifth man who is dying of cancer in Norway , dies of prostate cancer.
- I think there is something seriously wrong with the way we treat Norwegian men with prostate cancer. Mortality from prostate cancer in Norway is the third highest in the world . I have the desire and opportunity to help to find out the reasons and see if we can help , Hagen says to the newspaper VG .
Hagen will create a research program for prostate cancer in Norway , but based in the United States. It will run for five years with budget of 30 million. Hagen has signed an agreement on this with the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore , USA. There, Professor Edward Schaeffer , in a newly created Hagen professorship , will lead a project with Norwegian researchers to examine 800 men with prostate cancer. The goal is to understand the genetic factors that make so many Norwegians die of the disease.
Hagen says that the establishment of a program of exchange of researchers and surgeons between Norway and the U.S., and it shall be established a foundation in Norway to coordinate projects , organizing conferences and develop a leading Norwegian Centre for prostate cancer. This center could end in a private Norwegian hospitals in the form of a trust, even if he wants everything to happen in the public sector .
Source: NTB scanpix / Photo Wikimedia / Norway Today 
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