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Thu, 02 Apr 2015

The Queen: - An indomitable determination to look ahead

Norway Today
The king and queen are impressed with how people in Laerdal has handled the disaster fire.
 The king and queen are impressed with how people in Laerdal has handled the disaster fire. - They have an indomitable will to look ahead and bring out the best, says Queen Sonja. 
The King and Queen visited Laerdal Thursday and even got to see the damage caused by the fire that ravaged Lærdalsøyri Saturday night. 
- We can be thankful that it did not go with life when we see how dramatic it was that night, says Harald. He has spent much time in the area, on  salmon fishing and hunting. 
- I'm very fond of this valley, he said. 
- It's not just him, adds the queen quickly. 
Important visits 
Mayor Jan Geir Solheim (Sp) says he is impressed with how well the royal couple had been put into the case. It is important for the municipality to gain support in the difficult situation we are now in the middle, he said. 
The Royal visit has been absolutely brilliant. They show great compassion for us, and now we feel truly seen and noticed, says Solheim to the news agency NTB after the visit. 
Last post on the royal couple's program was a visit to the Laerdal hospitals, as in the hours during and after fire ravages the search several hundred patients. 
- That the king and queen took the time to come here means a lot for morale and for those affected. And not least the staff here, who really has been working hard, says chief surgeon and Deputy Mayor Geir Berge Overland . 
The hospital is now back to daily life. The chief surgeon had even operated three patients Thursday before he took the king and queen came to the valley.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today 
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