Big danger of avalanches in western Norway

Avalanches Western Norway varsom.noImpressive but dangerous. Photo: Torbjørn Lundhaug /

Big danger of avalanches in western Norway

There is a warning of avalanches throughout major parts of Western Norway from Tuesday onwards, from Rogaland in the south to Indre Fjordane in the north.


Already as of Sunday there was is notice of avalanche danger in the area, and on Tuesday the alert level will be raised from 3 to 4, according to Warning for major danger of avalanches is issued for Hardanger, Voss, Indre Fjordane, Rogaland, the Coast of Hordaland and Ytre Sogn as of Tuesday.

The major danger of avalanches is due to very high precipitation in a short period of time and strong winds. People are advised not to travel in and near to steep slopes.

A number of places in Northern Norway have also announced significant avalanche hazards in the days to come.

The official announcement season for avalanchesslides starts on December 1. Then the alerts are made based on a larger data base than outside the season and the alerts are more nuanced.


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