Listhaug tells Israeli newspaper, ‘Now we understand what Israel is experiencing’

Minister of Immigration Sylvi ListhaugMinister of Immigration Sylvi Listhaug.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

‘Europeans are now experiencing the fears you have experienced for decades,’ said immigration minister, Sylvi Listhaug of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) in an interview with Israeli widely read Ynet newspaper, which is the online edition of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, which interviewed the immigration and integration minister in Oslo.


‘Many people now understand the situation you live under. We see what’s happening in Sweden, the UK and France,’said Listhaug.

She went on, ‘Now we understand what Israel is experiencing.’

The Israeli newspaper had covered Listhaug’s and FrP’s support for Israel.
‘It doesn’t mean that we support everything you do, but you have the right to defend the people and their borders, because you live in a region that has many problems,’ she said.

In the interview, the Frp minister also commented on the news that a Danish colleague, Inger Støjberg, uses a controversial Muhammad caricature as wallpaper on her iPad.

Listhaug said she doesn’t necessarily support the content of the cartoon, but she defended the Danish Immigration Minister’s right to publish it.

‘People have been killed because they spoke their mind, as at Charlie Hebdo. It is the new norm that Europeans restrict their freedom of speech to avoid offending minorities,’ said Listhaug in a torrent of self-righteous thinking out loud.

In 1918, the area that is today Israel/Palestine had a population of 60,000 Jewish people, and 600,000 non-Jewish people. By 1948, in just 30 years, those figures had changed to 716,700 Jewish people, and 156,000 non Jewish people. In 2017, there are 6,484,000 Jewish people and 2,196,000 non-Jewish people living in thise region.

All these figures derive from the Jewish Virtual Library.
The vast majority of Jews living in Israel/Palestine today, over 80%, are so called ‘Ashkenazi Jews’, who’s ancestry is derived from Eastern Europe and Turkey.

They converted to Judaism between 600 and 800 years ago, and have no genetic or geographic descendent relationship to ancient Israel or Palestine whatsoever.


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  1. While moslem presumption to punish/kill non-moslems, or anyone, for depictions of mohammed is bizarre, i wonder why a likely rationale for the picture prohibition that seems obvious to me is not publicized—that moslem tradition does not want worship of idol-like pictures as in christianity…e g, in sistine chapel, depiction of jehovah/allah, besides generally the devout catholics praying to crucifix almost like to idol. Note that in islam jesus is, as is mohammed, a prophet (not god). Traditionally, i guess, priests would not want to risk faithful worshiping their prophet due to plethora of pictures too easily skidding into worshiping the prophet instead of god. Anyway, i suggest study/analysis of why religions have their practices.

  2. re ashkenazi… The justification for the great european powers establishing israel is not the same as that of zionists—it is simply that europeans are ashamed of repeatedly massacring jews.

  3. What imigratation minister says is her own she idea and she can’t represents Norwegian, while Norway has very nice people who thinks differently. norway is a peaceful country but people like her with ill mentality destabilize Norway. Wish Norway more peace.

  4. You ignoramus! I love Norway and most Norwegians, but your stupidity has shamed them horribly.

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