Nightlife bosses in Oslo to fight against drugs

Oslo CityOslo City.Photo: Norway Today Media

The bosses of several of Oslo’s biggest clubs want  collaboration with the police in the fight against the drug problem of the capital.

In an article in Aftenposten, written in collaboration with 20 of the city’s nightlife bosses, they invite to a general meeting of a founding project “Clubs against Drugs”. Referring to a similar initiative in Stockholm, called ” Krogar mot Knark.”

– This is a project that in recent years has spread to most other major cities in Sweden. The cornerstone of the “Krogar Against Knark” is that the nightlife and police work together, according to the article which was written by Ola Smith-Simonsen, who is CEO of Jaeger, Maria Wood Moe, operations manager at the Cultural and CEO Eyvind Brox at Blue.

Today the managements are experiencing that the police in several cases react negatively when they make contact regarding drug incidents, “for example, dealing to users or sellers caught red-handed.”

– It could on this basis appear that the police see their role as just a control body, and thus leave the actual responsibility of the nightlife to us.

This is counter-productive according to the article, which was written in collaboration with, among others, the Cultural Park Theatre, Blue, Cafe Mono, Dattera Hagen, Revolver, Jaeger and Crowbar.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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