Older motorists are invited to refresher courses

The elderly man driving a carThe elderly man driving a car. Photo: NTB SCANPIX

NPRA will invite 50,000 motorists to refresher courses. On Thursday the first letters will be sent to those who turn 70 this year.

The aim is to supplement the older drivers’ knowledge and provide increased safety in those situations where one may face additional challenges, “says Anne Karin Espeland.

She is the regional contact for drivers over 65+ in the Public Roads Administration. She emphasizes that no one will have to test their driving skills or their knowledge about the traffic rules , and that no one risks being deprived of their driving license.

– Those who have been on a course, have given the feedback that it has been a helpful offer, says Espeland. She adds that the course has a preventive effect, and that research shows lower accident risks after completing the course.

– NPRA is working with traffic every day, and of course we are concerned about the elderly as well. We therefore want them to be active and have the pleasure of driving safely for as long as possible.

The mailing of  invitations to 70-year-olds will continue each month during the autumn and winter.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today




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