Red publishes all hidden Facebook ads

Rødt Facebook adsRed. Election Campaign. Photo: Rødt

Red publishes all hidden Facebook ads

Red believes all parties should be ordered to publish the hidden Facebook ads they send out.


– Facebook is a dirty battlefield in terms of openness. You can hide who you’re targeting ads against. And advertising may take a week before the opponent finds out about the criticism. If you target correctly, the opponent never sees the content, says press secretary in Red, Iver Aastebøl, to Dagens Næringsliv.

In the election campaign, parties use the opportunity to purchase ads on the social media and customize the message to different target groups. If this is done correctly, only the intended audience will see the ad. In other words, they are not visible if you visit the party’s official Facebook pages.

Echo chamber

– The prerequisite for a functioning democratic conversation is that the one you talk down can read and respond. If not, you have the perfect echo chamber, Aastebøl says to the newspaper.

He believes that all parties should be required to publish the hidden ads they publicize via Facebook.

According to the newspaper, neither Frp, Ap, Sp or KrF are planning to create an ad register. MDG, the Conservatives and the Liberals are open to the idea.


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