Russia angered by Norwegian military activity

US troopsUS troops.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

Norway and NATO’s military preparations near the Russian border provoke tensions, and undermine the existing balance of power in Europe, believes Russia.

NRK news cited a statement from the Russian Embassy in Oslo. Russia described a ‘sharp’ increase ‘in NATO countries’ military activity on the Russian border that was followed by ‘provocative statements’ from the NATO leadership, and from a number of NATO countries. These were about the need to ‘deter’ Russia and involved, according to Russia, an ‘aggressive propaganda campaign.’

The embassy pointed out that Norway, who Russia would ‘never have posed a threat to, presently or in the future, ‘planned a military buildup on the border areas of the country’. The embassy followed up with a detailed review of planned and recently completed changes.

Among other things, they pointed out that Norway has strengthened its monitoring capacity at sea and in the air. It has done this with the intelligence ships ‘Marjata’ and ‘Eger’, and plans to buy 52 new F-35 fighters, five new P-8 anti-submarine aircraft and four submarines.

Russia is also provoked by the Norway’s concessions to foreign military forces, including stations of approximately 330 of the U.S.A’s soldiers at Værnes.

‘Even during the Cold War, Norway had self-imposed restrictions on itself not to accede to any agreement with other states that entailed obligations which required Norway to open bases for foreign forces on Norwegian territory’, said the Russian statement.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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