Somalian acquitted of knife murder committed 14 years ago

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A 31 year old Somalian man has been acquitted of killing a fellow pupil at Nordreisa high school in 2001 by the Hålogaland Court of Appeal.

– The jury arrived at the ruling  after one hour of deliberation ,  the man’s lawyer, Hjallis Bakke, told NRK news
The prosecutor said the 31-year-old could not plead self defence because he three times and with great force stabbed or struck the victim with a knife.
The jury did not agree with this and thought there was reasonable doubt as to whether the defendant was guilty or not, and because of this acquitted the  man.

–  The prosecutors have taken note of the decision . The case have been tried before the High Court and the jury has made its decision. We have to base ourselves on that, says the prosecutor, public prosecutor Torstein Hevnskjel.

In November 2001, Somali Alia Ahmed Abdi (18) was killed by three stab wounds from a knife in a classroom at the school in Troms. The defendant, who was then 16 years, was arrested and charged with murder. He was acquitted in court, and just before the appeal was brought before the court in 2002, he disappeared.
In February this year he was arrested in England, and the case concerning the murder that happened 14.5 years ago thus was brought before Hålogaland Court of Appeal in Tromsø


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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