Sp wants to halve the road tolls in July

Road toll Geir Pollestad Rules CouncilGeir Pollestad.Photo : Senterpartiet.no

Sp wants to halve the road tolls in July

The Centre Party’s Geir Pollestad will halve the toll road rates for motor homes and passenger cars in July. He hopes this will increase the proportion of families who will spend their holiday on the road.


Holiday in Norway is expensive for both Norwegians and foreigners. This proposal will make it more attractive spend your holiday in this country, says Pollestad to VG.

Minister of Transport Ketil Solvik-Olsen predicted earlier this summer that the toll plazas will rake in NOK 10.2 billion this year alone. Pollestad believes the proposal will also contribute economically.

– This proposal will increase earnings because more people will physically pass through a toll plaza, and it will even make it more attractive for foreigners to come to Norway, he says. He also points to the environmental purpose that the toll plazas are meant for commuters, and that the proposal will lead to more people travelling together in one car.

Labour not impressed

Deputy chairman in the Transport and Communications Committee, Eirik Sivertsen (Labour), is not overly impressed by the proposal.

– I do not think that road tolls is an unknown phenomenon in Europe, and I believe that there are other measures that are better suited to bring tourists to Norway than to provide discounts, says Sivertsen.


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