Unemployed Parents Taking Children out of Kindergarten

Norwegian children.Children playing.Photo Norway Today Media

The number of children taken out of kindergartens in Stavanger has increased over the past year. Several of these cases occurred on the grounds that their parents could not afford to continue, said the union Safe.

“These parents say they have to give up kindergarten to save money,” says union leader Hilde-Marie Rysst to P4 news.
Statistics from Stavanger show that a total of 591 children joined a kindergarten in the municipality in 2015. This represents an increase of 38 from the year before.
The figures do not include children who started school or those who changed kindergartens.
The municipality emphasizes that the reasons parents are taking their children out of kindergarten are yet unknown, but the trade union believes the increase is due to the municipality’s residents losing their jobs.
Since May two years ago, the number of unemployed citizens increased by 47,000, leading to a total of 134,000 people without jobs in Norway as of this January. In the oil county of Rogaland, unemployment rose 79 percent last year.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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