The world’s largest LEGO ship coming to Oslo

The world's largest LEGO shipPhoto: The world's largest LEGO ship

DFDS celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and have the occasion to build the world’s largest ship out of LEGO.

Despite their somewhat clumsy properties and lack of seaworthiness, the ship should now embark on Europaturnée. Visit record boat in Oslo from 3-9. October.

It is not easy as a breeze to set a world record in the construction of LEGO ship. The construction required 900 hours of work, more than one million Lego bricks, measuring over 12 meters in length and weighs 2.86 tons. It is DFDS’ employees who built the ship.

“All employees across borders in Europe have helped to build LEGO and put this record on the occasion of our 150th anniversary,” says Roar Funderud, CEO of DFDS Seaways Norway.

The ship is measured and weighed, and judges from Guinness World Records to verify the world record when they handed over the diploma at the ceremony by name DFDS Terminal in Copenhagen. The ship was named “Jubilee Seaways,” – a tribute to the company’s 150-year anniversary.

In Oslo you can admire the world’s largest Lego ship in the autumn holiday (week 40). The ship will be on display outside Østbanehallen from Monday, 3/10 through Wednesday, 5/10 from 10 to 18, and at the Technical Museum from Thursday, 6/10 and even Sunday, 9/10 from 11 to 18 (on Sunday from 11 to 14).


Source: Norway Today

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