Young man charged with killing cat

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A young man is charged for killing one or more cats with a knife. Police fear that the man might be dangerous to humans.

The young man told that he wants to kill both people and animals, according to the ruling from the Hedmarken District Court, write newspaper Hamar Arbeiderblad.

The court believes there is great danger that he may commit new serious danger if he has been left freely out.

The man was arrested Wednesday 6th of July and presented for custody on Friday at the basis of this information, says police prosecutor Magnus Schartum-Hansen to the news.

The man agreed to be detained.

– There is a special case. Police considering cat murder in connection with the man’s statements, says Schartum-Hansen.
Psychiatrist Helge Haugerud should investigate the man’s state of health and whether he is criminally sane.


Source:  NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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