The sunmirror in Rjukan

karl-martin-jakobsenkarl-martin-jakobsen.Photo: Karl Martin Jakobsen

A 100 year old idea is realised – a mirror is built up in the mountain side of Rjukan, to capture the sunlight and send it into the market square.

Rjukan is home to a thriving little community which manages without the sun for almost six months of the year. Rjukan lies at the bottom of a valley that is oriented east to west, with Gaustatoppen (at 1883 metres over sea level) and the other surrounding mountains immediately south of the town rendering the city sun-free from September to March.
Rjukan was built by Hydro´s founder Sam Eyde at the beginning of the last century. The town was planned with the best architects and engineers of the time, by Norsk Hydro – a so-called “company town”.
The combination of hydro power, industrial history, and architecture form the basis for Norway´s nomination of Rjukan (and Notodden) as candidates for UNESCO´s World Heritage Site list. This will most likely be formalised on the official list in 2015. READ MORE about The sunmirror in Rjukan



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