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13 want to be the National Museum’s new director

National MuseumOslo. National Museum.Photo:


Eight men and five women have applied for the position as the new director of the National Museum.

13 applicants, eight men and five women, had applied for the position when the deadline expired on Tuesday.
On the list there are several familiar names, including Danish Karin Hindsbo, who today is director of the Code Bergen Art Museum. Before that, she was director of Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in Kristiansand and has led the Art Hall in Aarhus.
Also one of the controversial contemporary artists Morten Viksum is on the list of applicants.
Viksum in 1995 replaced olives with rat babies in an olive glass in 20 grocery stores in the five largest cities in Norway. He also made headlines when he used a sawn hand of a corpse holding a paintbrush in a piece called “The hand that never stopped painting.” Viksum is listed as an artist and director on the applicant list.
Former director of the North Norwegian Art Museum in Tromso, art historian Knut Ljøgodt, is also on the list of applicants, together with the current Director Audun Eckhoff.
– My main motivation is to continue the good work of the National Museum’s employees to contribute to the realization of the new National Museum of Western Railway, said Eckhoff Aftenposten.
After the newspaper experience, the board will meet on Sunday and make the appointment and inform the staff on Monday morning.

Other applicants are Tirill Bie, Hammerfest (teacher), Ercole Egizi, Riga (Executive Creative Manager), Monica Eriksen, Oslo (center manager), Björn Geldhof, Baku (Artistic Director), Randi Beate Bergum, Oslo (Team Leader), Thorbjorn Gaarder Oslo (Chief Credit Officer), Lellei Clean, Oslo (seeker), Emrah Sezgin, Oslo (CEO), Eleni Vassilika, London (Independent Research Consultant)



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today