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Match alco-free beer with summer food

alco-free beer ringnes summer foodBeer Expert Hans Ingi Tryggvason explains about beers matching with the summer food. Photo: Ringnes


Matching alco-free beer with the summer food

Norwegian summer food deserves a good beverage, even when alcohol is not an option. A large and growing selection of alco-free beer allows you to enjoy the right beverage no matter what is on the summer menu.

“Everyone who enjoys food and drink appreciates being able to fill the glass with what is best suited to the dish. Traditionally, the selection has not been as exciting when, for various reasons, you choose alco-free, but now something has happened,” Beer Expert and General Manager of Ringnes Brew House, Hans Ingi Tryggvason states.

This is what Hans Ingi Tryggvason chooses with summer food:

  • BBQ: Very spicy barbecue – Amber Ale
  • BBQ: Burger, pork and other red meat – Dark Bayer
  • Shellfish and fish – Weissbier
  • Oven roasted salmon and trout – Dark Bayer
  • Cured meats and potato salad – Light Lager
  • Chicken – Dark Lager
  • Simple salads – Light Lager

“Choosing alco-free with the summer food is definitely no longer a boring option. For example, you can choose an American Amber Ale for spicy barbecue, a Weissbier with the shrimp or a Bayer with the hamburger,” Tryggvason explains.

Good, cheap and healthy

In parallel with the explosive interest in different types of beer, breweries such as Ringnes, Clausthaler, Aas and micro-breweries have also expanded their range of non-alcoholic alternatives.

“Beer without alcohol is not only good – it is also cheaper than soda, and far healthier. Good food and good brews belong together, and the non-alcoholic alternatives, therefore,  should be overshadowed by regular beer,” Tryggvason continues.

Brooklyn Ale with the barbecue

The very latest non-alcoholic supplement from Ringnes is an Amber Ale from Brooklyn Brewery in New York.

“Brooklyn Special Effects is a perfect match with a spicy barbecue. For traditional barbecue dishes such as hamburgers and smoked pork chops, you may want to go for a traditional Bayer,” Tryggvason recommends.

Cured meats and seafood

Cured meats can be a challenge when it comes to the beverage, with their strong flavours and lots of salt. A light lager is a good companion with that.

“Seafood is also a favourite in the summer months. Weissbier is a delicious accompaniment to everything from shrimp, lobster and mussels to salmon and white fish. Try a Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Sans Alcohol or similar,” Hans Ingi Tryggvason recommends.



Alco-free beer is more popular than ever

We drink more and more alco-free beer, and Ringnes has sold almost 20 per cent more so far this year compared with the same period last year.

“This is linked to the fact that people want to live healthier. The selection, quality and availability of beer without alcohol is also improving. Another advantage of choosing alco-free beer with the summer food is that it is okay to enjoy it in the park,” Hans Ingi Tryggvason concludes.

That there seems to be a price war waging, with prices down to NOK 3.50 a can, is also a bonus for the consumers

Ringnes has this year also installed a refrigerator for alco-free beer in some grocery stores. This to make it both easier and faster to obtain an ice-cold beer without alcohol on an equal footing with other beverages.

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