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«Art for a Cause» – a portrait of Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen Art Painting SandefjordShreya Sen (Left) posing with a friend at Sandefjord library in front of her exhibition. Photo: Shreya Sen / Facebook

«Art for a Cause», an art exhibition by Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen is a high school student in Norway. She currently exhibits part of her school project «Art for a Cause» at Sandefjord Library.

Shreya Sen is grateful and happy to be able to exhibit her paintings at Sandefjord Library. Not only for her own satisfaction but also for the projects that she supports around the world – with the proceeds from her art.

“As part of the education on the IB line, we have CAS activities. CAS stands for Creativity, Action, Service,” Shreya informs about the background of her project.

The project has consisted of several parts, and on one of those, she has also worked with a group of fellow students. The exhibition at the library, however, consists solely of her own work.

Happy in Sandefjord

Shreya and her family moved to Norway from their home country of India five years ago.

“Dad got a job in Oslo, but we chose to live in Sandefjord because of my schooling, so he commutes,” Shreya explains.

“I enjoy attending Skagerak International School. I like to learn and study, and am basically happy with all subjects,” she smiles.

Shreya attends the second year of upper secondary school. She says that the time is approaching fast for her to decide where and what she wishes to study afterwards.

“I want to use my creative abilities and want to study something related to art and design. Maybe I will be an architect or product designer,” she ponders.

she is uncertain whether to study in Norway or elsewhere in Europe. Shreya has been to Trondheim and looked at the university there. She is planning to travel to Finland to visit a university there next.

“One year goes fast, and I like to be prepared,” Shreya emphasises.



Paints for good causes

Shreya has always been fond of painting. At home in Inda, she learned a lot from her artistic father. The budding artist has spent two years at the cultural school in Sandefjord before this.

“That was very nice. I learned a lot from Verena Waddell,” she asserts.

The young artist still finds great pleasure in painting, even though she is now working on her own. Contributing to helping others obtain better lives is a great joy to her.

It is nice to make art with meaning. I sell both original paintings and prints, all for a good cause.

“Until now I have had four designations in my CAS project, «Art for a Cause». The first was a donation to the victims of the Kerala flooding. I have also supported the families of the Indian soldiers who died in the Pulwama attack. Recently I donated to the victims of the cyclone in Mozambique,” she informs.

She has further worked in a group in one of her projects. That group supported the charity organisation Memory Project.

“My group participated by collecting money and delivering a series of ten portraits as a Christmas gift to an orphanage in Colombia,” she explains.

Shreya has created a website and a Facebook gallery to showcase her art. It has resulted in her works adorning a doctor’s office in Australia.  she has further sold pictures to several other countries.

“It’s nice to make art with meaning. I sell both originals and prints, all for a good cause. I am glad that my paintings will be on display at the library for another month, and maybe even longer,” the young student continues

Shreya likes to read, watch movies and be with friends. Much of her time goes to school work – admitting that there may be some stress connected with all that.

“Then it’s nice to bring out the painting stuff. Then I can relax,” Shreya Sen concludes

About Shreya Sen

  • Born July 18th, 2002.
  • Hails from India.
  • Has lived in Sandefjord for five years.
  • Attends Skagerak International School.
  • Busy with the project «Art for a Cause», shown at the library.
  • Facebook page:

This article first appeared in Sandefjord blad, written by Vigdis Løbach.

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