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Eurovision victory could be an expensive affair for NRK TV channel

Alexander RybakAlexander Rybak.Photo: Alexander Vestrum / NTB scanpix


A Eurovision final in Oslo could cost NRK nearly 150 million if Aleksander Rybak wins in Lisbon on Saturday.


“We can’t compete if we are to be afraid to win. That’s what we must tolerate every 10 years,”said Broadcasting Manager, Thor Gjermund Eriksen, who told Aftenposten that he wants a final in 2019.

“NRK needs such big productions, whether it’s sports or entertainment, to build new skills and drive development,” he said.

The last time NRK organised the international finals of the Eurovision Song Contest was in 2010 after Alexander Rybak went to the top in Moscow the year before. Then it had to be a major re-prioritization in order to finance the final in the Telenor Arena. Among other things, several major drama productions were postponed and the rights to the World Cup were sold to Viasat.

“I hope the NRK management has taken into account a possible Eurovision victory and other costly productions, so this does not endanger the everyday production,” said Richard Aune, head of the Norwegian Journalist’s club in NRK.

Aune said that there there are some places for a mismatch between crew and work tasks. The Broadcasting Commission believes that NRK is still better equipped in 2019 than it was in 2010.

“I do not say we have 100 million kroner in the case of a Eurovision finale, but we have an organization that has greater flexibility in its economy than before,” said Eriksen.

The second semifinal, with Rybak, is on Thursday evening. The final is on Saturday, May the 12th.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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