Oslo crumbles in the trailer for “The Quake”

"The Quake""The Quake"

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Duck and cover! The trailer for The Quake was released on 2 May, and show some frightening images of a collapsing Oslo. Don’t worry though, it’s not real! The quake is the highly anticipated sequel to 2015’s The Wave.

The Wave and The Quake are about the only examples of disaster movies to ever come out of Norway. In The Wave, a massive tsunami threatened a village in Western Norway, and The Quake sees Oslo being hit by a powerful earthquake. And, judging from the trailer, the filmmakers have really gone all in, in order to tell this horrifying tale.

The Opera House, the Radisson SAS skyscraper and the hills of Ekeberg are some of the landmarks and areas that get a rough treatment in the trailer. And, on 31 August, the movie hits cinemas in Norway. Read more about Oslo crumbles in the trailer for “The Quake”


Source: visitoslo.com / Norway Today

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