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Putin wants to control rap music in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin cRussian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting to discuss preparation to mark the anniversary of the allied victory in the World War II in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, Pool)


Putin wants to control rap music in Russia

President Vladimir Putin believes rap is based on “sex, drugs and protest” and wants to control the use of rap music among Russians.


The Russian President was this week in St. Petersburg to meet cultural leaders. There, he expressed the wish that the leaders should get together and find a way to control the use of rap music in Russia.

In the meeting, he said that “if it is impossible to stop people listening to rap music, we must take control of it.”

A ban on rap was not applicable, according to Putin. He believed it would have a negative effect and make the rap music even more popular. The music genre is especially popular with youngsters.

According to the president, rap is based on three pillars: sex, drugs and protest. He was most worried about the drugs aspect, and believes that “it breaks down the nation.” He also believes that “drugs propaganda” is worse than a curse.

Putin’s statements come about a month after a rap artist was arrested. In addition, several other artists cancelled their concerts after pressure from the police.

The Russian rapper, Husky, known for his songs about poverty, corruption and police violence, was arrested in November. Prior to a concert, he was warned that he could be arrested because the police believed his songs contained elements of “extremism”. The artist climbed on a car in protest. Surrounded by his fans, he shouted “I just want to sing my music, the most honest music,” before being arrested.


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