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Ringnes opens beer culture centre in Oslo

Ringnes beer BrewhouseCEO of Ringnes, Anders Røed and Christian Kjellsby - Project Manager and great-grandchild of Ellef Ringnes, cheers with the first brew from the Ringnes Brewhouse. Photo: Ringnes


Ringnes opens beer culture centre at Grünerløkka

Investing NOK 30 million: In the same premises as the first Ringnes beer was tapped more than 140 years ago, the company will now open a brewery and beer culture centre in October. The aim is sharing knowledge about beer with Oslo’s population and visitors in historical surroundings at Grünerløkka.


– Here guests will taste a lot of exciting beer, from Ringnes, but also from other guest breweries. In addition, they get the opportunity to learn about the beer’s history and the importance of the brewery that the two brothers Ellef and Amund Ringnes started at Grünerløkka in 1876, says CEO of Ringnes, Anders Røed.

Beer and sandwiches

Along with good drink, good food. The brewhouse has chosen to serve sandwiches with the beer. That is not a random choice.

– Beer and bread are made from the same basic ingredients. This makes them fit well together qua taste. We work with different raw materials and ingredients in both the beer and sandwiches to create exciting combinations and variations, Røed explains.

Specially trained beer hosts

To take the guests on a journey and create good experiences, it is crucial that the employees have genuine interest, knowledge and expertise in history, brewing, beer and food.

– Our beer hosts are specially trained and a key resource. Knowledge and, not least, communication skills are fundamental to guiding the guests and creating enthusiasm around the table, says Anders Røed.

Will teach the visitors to taste

Ringnes has developed a system to teach the guests to recognise the tastes in different types of beers. With this method, guests will learn to specify what they like or do not like with a particular Pilsner, Buckwheat Ale or IPA (Indian Pale Ale). By describing this, they have a much greater chance of finding a beer that they like next time they order one.

– There are so many different varieties, even within the same type of beer. This is beer knowledge in practice, explained in a simple way, Røed maintains.

Guest breweries welcome

In addition to allowing guests to taste Ringnes’ own beer varieties, The Brewhouse has plans for guest appearances that ensure other breweries a place in the spotlight. Then we take in beer from the actual brewery and at the same time, develop a unique cooperative beer to be enjoyed while you are informed a bit about the guest brewery. This will rotate regularly with new guests and between breweries.

– It is important to showcase not only Ringnes but also other breweries’ expertise, beers and history, Anders Røed concludes.



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