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Several thousand year old petroglyphs vandalized

petroglyphsPetroglyphs from Rødøy. FOTO JAN GREVE; SCANPIX


Several thousand year old rock carvings at Tro in Nordland have been etched in, including the “Skier” which inspired the pictograms of Lillehammer Olympics in 1994.

– It is the “skier” who has received the most damage. It was a sharp object, which has made several scratches both inside and outside the ancient carvings.

The figure appears no longer in its original form, and we will never be able to experience them as they have appeared 4000 to 5,000 years ago, says county archaeologist in Nordland, Tor-Kristian Storvik to NRK news.

He looked over the vandalism Thursday afternoon.
Carvings are part of what is called the Valen Field, which shows a typical hunting scene from the stone ages.

The skier was the inspiration behind the symbols for the various branches of the Olympic Games in 1994 and is one of four petroglyphs that have been vandalized.

Mayor Bård Anders Lango thinks it’s sad that one of the tourist attractions in Alstahaug municipality is now destroyed.

– These are symbols we use to advertise Alstahaug, and it will be sad if we have to cover the “skier” who is best known internationally, said the mayor.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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