“Silent Night” turns 200 years

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

“Silent Night” turns 200 years

December 24, 1818, what is probably the world’s most famous Christmas song, “Silent Night,” was first written in Austria.


The celebration of “Silent Night” was celebrated Christmas Eve with a concert in the Pacific Night Chapel in Oberndorf, Austria, about 20 minutes away from Salzburg, writes NRK.

There are several translations of “Silent Night” (Glade Jul) to Norwegian, but it is Bernhard Severin Ingemanns’ translation to Danish from 1850 which is mostly used.

The song is originally written by Joseph Mohr and its translated into more than 300 languages and dialects, according to the BBC. In 2011, the song was added on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The most played rendition in Norway is Jussi Björling’s Swedish version, but Sissel Kyrkjebø’s rendition isn’t half bad either:



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  1. Annette Zigrossi | 14. January 2019 at 14:21 | Reply

    Just listened to your rendition of “Silent Night”. By Sissel. Kyrkjebø. Absolutely beautiful, but in America that is “Oh, Holy Night”. Interesting difference..

  2. The original is “Stille Nacht” in German, so I guess the Brits have it pat this time. 🙂

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