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(S)mashing winner of Nofima Prize

Ølsprøtt Nofima AttåtnæringThe Award winning product, Ølsprøtt, is made from residual raw material after beer production and is classified between a biscuit and a snack. Photo: Anne-May Johansen / Nofima


(S)mashing winner of Nofima Innovation Prize

The cheers all but lifted the roof when the producer Attåtnæring[1] was proclaimed the winner of the inaugural Innovation Prize – with the product Ølsprøtt[2] – during the finals of Det Norske Måltid[3] (Norwegian Meal) Awards ceremony.


This year’s innovation prize provides the winner from Trøndelag services from Nofima worth NOK 100,000.

“This is surprising. And incredibly pleasing. Now we are going to Make Mesh Great Again, Marketing Manager in Attåtnæring,” Stein Erik Brekke, beams as he receives the Innovation Prize.

Ølsprøtt is made of mash – or to be precise – the residual mash that remains when a beer is brewed. In cooperation with most of the local breweries and an idea of making a “magic mix” consisting of various grains, the idea has now been turned into the product Ølsprøtt – sort of in-between a biscuit and a snack. An end product developed after months of trial and error,

Innovative abilities

The product itself, the development work that has already been done, and the desire to develop further, charmed the jury in Nofima, who had to choose between the nearly 30 candidates for the Innovation Prize of The Norwegian Meal Awards.

The winner of the Award will be able to draw on Nofima’s expertise in innovation and Product Development, to a value of NOK 100,000.


CEO of Nofima, Øyvind Fylling-Jensen together with Researcher Guro Helgesdotter Rognså hands the Prize over to the winners.

The CEO states:

Innovation is crucial for companies to succeed – today and tomorrow. The food research institute Nofima has a separate department that works purposefully on innovation.

In Simple terms, we can say that many innovations are driven by, or improved by, research-based knowledge.

Our more than 200 academic employees in Ås, Stavanger, Bergen, Sunndalsøra and Tromsø work every day for the Norwegian food industry with solutions that can bring the businesses a step further.

It is, therefore, natural for us at Nofima to participate in the Norwegian Meal with an Innovation Prize.

The winner, Ølsprøtt, from the manufacturer Attåtnæring, was chosen because they have shown innovative abilities by creating a brand new and exciting product.

The next step

«Attåtnæring is also innovative from a sustainability perspective as the product utilises residual raw materials from an industry that has grown in Norway. The manufacturer aims to achieve nationwide distribution during 2019. With inspiration and research-based knowledge, Nofima wants to create more opportunities for Attåtnæring,» the Jury’s justification states.

“The prize will stimulate the winner to take the next step in their development,” the CEO of Nofima ascertains.

Experiences large development

The final in Det Norske Måltid was held in January 2019 for the 11th time, after the regional finals selected the products for the grand finale, have been held across Norway during the autumn of 2018.

The aim of the awards is to contribute to business development by increasing demand for, creating pride in and strengthening the reputation of Norwegian food production.

Det Norske Måltid chooses the best food products in Norway and claims to be the country’s most important and prestigious Award ceremony for the food industry. The category-based competition forms the very foundation of the hunt for «The Taste of Norway».

The food research institute Nofima is one of the main partners of the national food festival. The development over 11 years has been visible.

The Leader of the Jury, Einar Risvik states:

There has been an impressive development in the quality of the products submitted to the jury.

We work in the way that those who submit their products to the jury gets feedback explaining why they did not cut the mustard.

We find that several accept the feedback, perform further development, and resubmit their products. Several of those have become winners over time.

Nofima’s senior researcher has led the jury of Det Norske Måltid for six years and is happy about the positive development in Norwegian food production.

Winner Categories have been added to the Category Prizes for the various products. Det Norske Måltid has deliberately chosen to associate with partners who can assist the finalists in the further development of their products. Nofima is one of these.

“Being nominated to the finals is a victory in itself, and such a recognition increases demand. The success stories from previous participants are many, but we see that those who work purposefully with, among other things, innovation, packaging and communication, reach more customers,” Leader of Det Norske Måltid, Kristin Austigard explains.

This year’s Winning products

The Norwegian Meal is looking for the best of the best Norwegian food and beverage production has to offer. This year’s winners are:

  • Green Natural –Lærdals beste frosne bringebær, Lærdal Grønt
  • Green Processed – Årgang, Askim Summerred
  • Seafood Natural – Sterling kveitefilet med skinn, Sterling White Halibut
  • Seafood Processed– Carpaccio Loins Extra, Dybvik Klippfisk
  • Cheese – Råblå, Grindal Ysteri
  • Meat Natural – Hel kylling, Økodrift Homlagarden
  • Meat Processed – Holy Baloney, Ask Gård
  • Cider – Alde sider, Alde
  • Beer – Cloudberry Imperial Gose, Berentsens Brygghus
  • Baked – Mandelroser, Grini Hjemmebakeri
  • Dairy Product Refined – Is med Skjenning, Gangstad Gårdsysteri
  • Snack – Midsummer Hot Sauce Flagship, Midsummer Sauce
  • Jury’s Choice 2018 – Jacobs utvalgte lam mørbrad, Prima Jæren/UNIL
  • Honorary Prize 2018 – Stiftelsen Bondens marked Norge

Other Awards

Front-runner, design services, PlayDesign – Lærdals Beste frosne bringebær

Innovation Prize, Nofima – Attåtnæring for produktet Ølsprøtt

Farmers Association Chef 2019 – Hallvar Ellingsen

Sprout Prize – Stikkelsbærdrikk, Røyse frukt- og bærpresseri

In addition, Digital Etikett donates gift cards worth NOK 10,000 in labels to each of the category winners.

[1] Attåtnæring: Supplementary income

[2] Øl: BeerSprøtt: Bonkers, Crazy, Fragile, Crunchy

[3] Det Norske Måltid: The Norwegian Meal

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