Fear thieves stole around 300 Viking artifacts

Bergen museum Viking artifacts, Iron age burglaryBroche stolen from Bergen Museum. Photo: Bergen museum

Historical Museum fear thieves stole around 300 Viking artifacts

History Museum in Bergen has still not full list of what was stolen during the burglary at the weekend, but fears the number of Viking artifacts reaches 300.


Wednesday afternoon it was clear that at least 245 items from the Iron Age and Viking Era was stolen during a break at the weekend, according to NRK. Thieves has climbed scaffolding on the outside of the building and shattered a pane on the seventh floor to get into the museum premises.

The alarm went of twice, but the security guards who were at work did not notice anything suspicious.

The museum is working full blast to get an overview of the scale, but believes the number of stolen objects may increase to 300 when the museum expects to have a reasonably safe estimate next week.

Significant number

– It is a significant number. This is not a burglary where someone has come in and been in a rush. We are becoming increasingly despaired as the list of stolen objects grows longer, says Head of Department, Henrik von Achen, to NTB.

On the newly created Facebook page Theft at the Historical Museum – the Viking Treasure, the museum has published a series of pictures of the 2,000 year old artifacts, asking people to share the photo series and keep their eyes open when they go online.

Reconstructs the burglary

– Look for our cultural heritage on Finn, eBay and other markets, the museum writes, despite the assumed low monetary value, believes the items will be attemted sold online.

– We are now trying to reconstruct exactly what happened, but it takes time to clarify this. The most important thing for us now is first and foremost to get an overview of what’s stolen and if possible to get the items back, says von Achen.


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