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Norwegians win the Great Taste prize

Norges Tehus Great Taste TeaThe entrepreneur and General Manager of Norges Tehus (Norwegian Tea House), Kjetil Frøitland Eide is smelling his way to the right ingredients. Photo: Norges Tehus


Norwegians win the international Great Taste prize

For the first time, a Norwegian company brings three stars with it in the bag from the prestigious and world-wide Great Taste competition in England. Among the 12,600 contributions, only 192 were given a maximum score in the «Oscar Awards of the Food World».


– We are incredibly pleased. It’s not the first time we obtain stars, but it’s the first time both for us and Norway to achieve the maximum of three stars. It is very big, says entrepreneur and General Manager in the Norwegian tea house (Norges Tehus), Kjetil Frøitland Eide.

«Oscar Awards of the Food World»

Great Taste is the world’s biggest award ceremony for food and drink. Each year, more than 12,000 contributions from all over the world are entered in the competition, and all of them are tasted and evaluated by experts. The best contributions may have been tasted by a total of 24 judges in three rounds, with some contributions eliminated in each round. The competition has taken place every year since 1994.

“We note that Norwegian tea drinkers in recent years have become more interested in organic teas and tea of higher quality than run of the mill household teas. Since 2010 we have been looking for the best teas and botany in the world. Every year we travel around the world and work with the most talented tea masters, to give Norway access to the best possible teas. With this distinction, I hope people understand how important quality is for us and that what we actually are selling is world-class, says the entrepreneur.

The best in the city

The tea fairy tale started in 2010 when Eide and the family started Tehuset in the Lille Grensen district in the city centre of Oslo. Three out of three attempts, Tehuset got six on the dice cast by Aftenposten.

– It is teas that are our expertise. It is fun to be the first Norwegian pure tea brand, and at the same time be able to show such results. All the time we have wanted to do everything ourselves and build a Norwegian brand. We have focused on organic teas and raw materials since day one. Unlike the usual teas on the market, we use fruit, berries and herbs for flavour, not oils and artificially produced flavours like most of our competitors. This means that we are somewhat more expensive than our competitors, but we find that the willingness to pay for quality is greater now than it used to be. Our customers enjoy a good cup of tea instead of alcohol or fizzy drinks. And many of our blends are so rich in taste and aroma that they can compete with a good glass of wine.

Starting Norway’s first tea factory

– We have been «pick & mix fanatics» so far and we still believe that it will is best to use loose tea, says Eide.

On one of his travels, he discovered an improved tea filter. This filter is knitted and has larger meshes than the usual teabags found in the store today, which Eide ensures that the tea is almost as good as the loose tea. Norges Tehus has now upgraded its own factory, which will pack tea using the new type of bags in Oslo.

– Now we hope that the award from Great Taste will be a door opener for us abroad, but first and foremost it is on behalf of the Norwegian people that we will continue to explore tea plantations, indulge in living aromas and to taste the unknown, which we have been doing for eight years already.


© Norges Tehus / #Norway Today


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