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Tips to land a job as an artist

artist painter painting paintMany dreams of becoming a renowned painter. To become an artist is, however, not easy to achieve. Photo:


Stand out from the crowd – Tips to land a job as an artist

Just because you have the artistic ability doesn’t mean you’ll land that artsy job you’re vying for instantly. An art talent isn’t a magic wand that makes things happen overnight. Careers in the field of art span a broad range from painting, illustration, sculpting, pottery, theatre, graphic design, music, to writing. As with any other job, an artist must be hardworking, passionate, dedicated, responsible, and focused.

Sadly, many artists have difficulty selling their work, grapple at finding commissioned work, and struggle on how to proceed in securing a permanent art position in a company. How does an artist attract clients, earn a profit, and/or make a career out of art? Following are some tips to help you find your footing:

Find your voice

You know you have the talent and the passion, but you also need to work on the finding and creating your own unique mark on the world. There are many other artists out there who want to be noticed and valued just like you. Find ways to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Unfortunately, finding your artistic voice is not something that you learn from books, like with other professions. It requires you to draw from within so that it can manifest in your style, technique, and the manner in which you craft your message.

Sometimes, this process is even continuous because you also evolve with time. Creation of authentic artwork that exhibits your passion, ideas, and values starts with a journey of self-discovery. Being true to yourself is the only way you can make a lasting impression.

Hone your skills

Artistic passion is merely a starting point, and it is never enough to get you successful. Developing solid skills to land you that client or job is necessary because you need to be able to prove that you can get the job done.

Development of your skills requires hard work and a level of commitment because you need to keep on practising to harness your full potential in your chosen craft.

Without investing time and effort into honing your skills, you will find it very difficult to market yourself. Raw skill will certainly not take you very far.

painter work artist

Learn to accept constructive criticism

One of the things an artist needs to learn is how to handle constructive criticism. If you want to get the job, you have to accept correction.

Criticism can abound when you find an employer. An artist’s ego can at times be huge, so criticism is a bitter pill to swallow.

Being able to accept these harsh sounding words from clients can help you improve your craft so that you can attract even more clients. Taming your ego is the only way to grow, so face critiques head off.

You’ll be amazed that more job opportunities will open your way.


Discover how to market yourself

You can be an artistic genius, but if no one knows who you are and what you’ve made, then your career will go nowhere. Marketing and networking play a huge role in your success because finding work or clients can depend upon who you know.

Making your presence felt is one of the things you have to work on in order to monetize your passion.

You can even utilize the power of social media so that you can reach out to more people and promote your work. If people find it stunning, then you’ll get a lot of likes, comments, or shares.

This kind of engagement will help open doors for you. You’ll never know, but you could end up being the next viral sensation and this will surely increase your client base!

Apply with confidence

You need to research and learn more about the company or the clients if you want to sell yourself and your artworks. Mailing your resume is not enough.

Consider sending snaps of your portfolio because this proves what you’re capable of. If it is an actual position that you seek, like in an art gallery, you have to come prepared.

Dress the part, be confident, and explain how the organization can benefit from your skills. Acing the job interview is an essential component in bagging an artistic position.

To illustrate, Ally Crandall from recommends that those looking to be a professional musician should learn how to have successful interviews.

Remember, jobs do not go with you, especially when you are just starting out. You have to actively seek the job and work for it.

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