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Pupils fear recitals and gymnastics

Gymnastics at school recitalsGymnastics lesson in school.Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix


Pupils fear recitals and gymnastics

Many pupils are afraid to make mistakes during gymnastics and during recitals. The researchers believe teachers need more knowledge.


Youth with anxiety symptoms usually have it nice at home, but fare worse together with friends and at school. Surveys conducted by Uni Research among 1,700 young people from different parts of the country shows this, according to NRK.

Throughout the research project, it has also been found that the risk of developing anxiety symptoms is five times bigger for girls than for boys.

The researchers see that more people are aware of fear of everyday situations such as school performances and sports. Psychologist and researcher Solfrid Raknes says to the channel that teachers play a central role in helping young people.

Separate subject for teachers

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health believes that a solution to the problem is to have mental health as a separate subject for teachers.

– It is up to educational institutions to consider this, but I think such a feature in school is important for understanding mental health, says Director for Mental Health and Drug Abuse, Simon Øverland, to NRK.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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