Student fined for bad behavior in the classroom

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A 15-year-old student from Troms has received a 1,800 kroner (215 dollars) fine for having behaved aggressively in classrooms.

The incident took place in March when the pupil was expelled from the class after behaving aggressively toward both students and teachers. After the student had been expelled, the 15-year-old roared insults against the teacher and threw a school bag and a plastic bottle at him, NRK writes.
It is common that such cases are resolved in the mediation board, but the teacher did not wish this.

– It is unusual to give a fine for bad behavior in the classroom, said police attorney Hanne Simonsen in Troms Police.

According to figures from the National Institute (STAMI) primary teachers are more vulnerable to violence and intimidation at work than other groups in the labor market.

Last year, 12.5 percent of primary school teachers said that they had been subjected to violence and intimidation in the past year. The figure for all employed that year is 7.5 per cent.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today