1 in 5 shops online to be anonymous

Anonymous Kondomeriet Sex toysSoMe and Press Contact of Kondomeriet, Marthe Sørflaten, shows various sex toys. Photo: Klarna

1 in 5 Norwegians shop online to be anonymous

It is possible to shop far more anonymously than in a regular, physical store with e-commerce. More than one in five Norwegians take this opportunity, according to a representative Klarna survey. This is clearly noticeable, both by pharmacies and those who sell sex toys.

“In businesses where it can be a little bit embarrassing to shop over the counter, many people use e-commerce. Among other things, we have noticed this in an increased interest among our many online stores that sell erotic articles. The same is true of some pharmacy products where customers prefer a discreet shopping experience,” Marketing Director of Klarna Norway, Thomas Elvestad, informs.

Klarna currently has its payment solutions available in more than 5,000 Norwegian online stores. The company has a detailed overview of developments in e-commerce within a number of industries.

The number of purchases among Klarna’s five largest online pharmacy customers increased by as much as 15 per cent online, last year alone; The number of sales from the five largest online stores within the industry also increased by 8 per cent.

The young are the most interested in anonymous online shopping

The representative survey is conducted among 1011 Norwegians. It is especially men and the age group 18-39 years who state that they had not bought the goods in a regular store, precisely because they want anonymity.

  • 36 per cent of those surveyed between 18 and 39 say they prefer to shop online in order to be anonymous.
  • While as many as 26% of men in total trade some products online because it is anonymous, the proportion among women is a mere 17%.

Kondomeriet is Norway’s largest supplier of sex toys online. They also have 10 physical stores across the country. They clearly notice that the average Joe find it easier to shop some of their products anonymously online than over the counter

Sex is still a private matter for many

“We are experiencing strong growth online, and one of the reasons for this is that we offer completely anonymous packages. For many of our customers, sex and sex toys are still private matters, and they greatly appreciate this service. We only use anonymous boxes in our mailings, and it does not appear anywhere on the package who the sender is. That way one can be absolutely sure that the postman does not know where the package comes from,” SoMe and Press Contact of Kondomeriet, Marthe Sørflaten, explains.

Condoms and lubricants are the sales winners online

The international pharmacy chain Boots confirms that customers prefer to buy some products discreetly online, rather than over the counter in physical pharmacies. Their bestsellers on the net include condoms, lubricants and Chlamydia tests.

“Customers can now also get prescription products delivered by mail. There can be products that it is easier to get discreetly delivered rather than a personal attendance in the pharmacy, in this article group as well,” Communications Manager in Boots Norway, Anne Margrethe Aldin Thune, informs.



Less unpleasant to return clothes you are not satisfied with online

“It can also be easier to return a garment that you are not completely satisfied with through online shopping, rather than meeting up in the shop with a receipt to ask for a refund”, according to Elvestad.

“We have had great success with our «Try First, Pay Later» concept. Here, the customer orders clothes online and pays only for what they choose to keep. The rest is easily returned to the online store. For many, it will probably be more discreet to avoid meeting up in the store to return a garment which, on closer reflection, did not fit the way you wanted. In other words, it is not just the purchase of «private» products the more anonymous online shopping applies to,” he adds.

More discreet financing than in a physical store

Klarna also offers a «Pay Later» solution in the online stores. Elvestad believes that customers appreciate the discreet credit assessment that takes place in the online store, rather than the review of the private finances that take place in many physical stores.

“It is quite obvious that many may find it unpleasant to ask for financing and get a review of the economy over a desk. It is probably perceived as an advantage that you can do this to a greater extent in a discreet manner online. We have also seen large progress with the physical stores that offer our financing solutions. Here, the whole process is carried out discreetly and easily on the smartphone. Anonymity means more than many may believe for the buyers in some situations,” the marketing director of Klarna concludes.

The survey is carried out by the research institute YouGov for Klarna. A total of 1011 CAWI interviews are conducted among persons aged 18-74.

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