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Is CBD Oil Legal in Norway?

cbd oilCBD oil may help for cancer and a series of other maladies, but cannabis products are by and large prohibited in Norway. Photo: Medical News Today

Is CBD Oil Legal in Norway?

Any product related to cannabis has been in constant controversy for thousands of years, and it goes well beyond the current status of hemp or marijuana in our society. However, as more governments are coming to realize the potential of cannabis for medical use, marijuana for recreational use, and industrial hemp for therapeutic and supplemental use, they have become more lenient towards the industry.

CBD in particular is derived from industrial hemp, which is not the same strain of cannabis that can be used to produce marijuana. This makes CBD oil more widely acceptable, and it even makes CBD oil legal in Norway, which has quite strict laws against marijuana. However, there are certain criterions and stipulations to consider first.

The Drug Laws are Very Confusing in Norway

There is a lot of confusion regarding what is legal and what isn’t when it comes to any drug in Norway. While there are multiple other reasons as to why the confusions exist, the following are the main points to highlight:

  • Norway has outlawed the possession and use of marijuana in general
  • The laws state that possession, selling, carrying and growing marijuana are all punishable offences
  • At the same time, personal drug use is supposed to be decriminalized in Norway, as made official by the Norwegian Parliament in December, 2017

It shouldn’t be hard to imagine that there is an innate conflict when one law states that you can use any drugs you want personally, but another fines, jails and deports you for the same!

CBD Oil is Not a Drug

Here is where things begin to look brighter for someone looking to make most of the booming global CBD business. In spite of all the controversies regarding the legality and usage of drugs, CBD is legal in Norway, as long as it has 0% THC.

Given that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the actual compound with the psychoactive properties in any strain of cannabis, the requirement makes sense, but it’s still a little too strict.



Legally Ordering CBD Oil in Norway

As already mentioned, the drug-regulation laws are quite contradictory in the country, but on ordering bulk crude CBD oil that has no THC in it at all, the drug laws are not going to be applicable here. In the absence of THC, CBD is a food-grade material and not a drug, which automatically makes it legal.

However, in order to make sure that the bulk crude CBD oil being ordered does not contain THC in it, the products need to come from a reliable source, with the proper lab certificates to prove that it has no psychoactive properties to it. Cope is an all US company that grows its industrial hemp in Colorado and has all facilities, including the labs, located within the US. They can deliver THC-free bulk crude CBD oil, making Cope a reliable source for budding CBD entrepreneurs in Norway as well.

In spite of everything, it is probably best to talk to the local import authorities before anyone in Norway decides to import CBD oil in bulk. Not everyone is clear on the guidelines, which can cause a temporary holdup, unless clarified in advance.

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