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Drive safely with the skis on the roof

Skis car snow winterSki trip with skis on the car roof rack during snowfall. Photo: Colourbox


Drive safely with the skis on the roof

– Don’t let the ski racks collect dust in the garage. Get them on the roof and don’t transport the skis unsecured inside the vehicle Senior Communications Advisor in NAF, Nils Sødal, implores.


Loose items in the car are dangerous. In a collision or abrupt stop at just 50 kilometres per hour, they turn into projectiles with a force of up to 24 times their weight. A pair of slalom skis with bindings weigh five kilos. They travel through the cabin of a car with a force equivalent to 120 kilos at an abrupt stop at just 50 kilometres per hour. Cross-country skis are lighter, at about two kilos, even so, they will move with a force equivalent of almost 50 kilos.

– It is no good idea to put the back seat down and keep your skis unsecured inside the car. They can become lethal projectiles at a crash or at an abrupt stop, Sødal warns.

– If you do, you must at least secure the skis with straps. It is still easier and not least safer with a roof rack or ski box, he continues.

Spend a bit of time on packing

Are you going to the mountains for the New Year’s celebrations?

– Spend a bit of extra time securing your luggage.

For many, it is alluring to go further than the local ski tracks and alpine slopes. Especially this year with a short Boxing week, many will take the trip into the mountains for the New Year’s weekend.

– Spend extra time packing your car before driving up to the mountains. Place the heaviest items at the bottom and furthest forward in the trunk. Use the attachment points in the trunk (if any) and finally – strap everything well, Nils Sødal advises.

Inside the vehicle’s coupe, there should be no loose objects. Therefore, it is important to attach tablets or similar to fixed brackets in order to ensure that you have safe entertainment for the children in the back seat.

The skis must be in a ski box or on a ski rack. If you have a ski box on the roof, you must be aware that what you can bring along inside it is not without limit. There are three weight limits that you must heed:

  • How many kilos can the roof box withstand?
  • How many kilos can the roof racks withstand that the box is attached to?
  • How many kilos can the roof of the car take?

Of these three weight limits, you must adhere to the lowest. Once you have finished packing the box, strap everything down using the load straps inside the roof box.

– We wish all a happy New Year’s weekend before we enter into the new year. It is definitively worth the while to spend a bit of extra time on the packing both inside the luggage compartment, inside the car coupe and on the roof, Nils Sødal concludes.


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