End to private car parking in Oslo City centre

Hanne Marcussen Green MDG private parkingHanne Marcussen is pleased with the ban on Private car parking in Oslo Centre. Photo: MDG / Pixabay.com

End to private car parking in the Oslo City centre

This week the last car parking spaces for private cars disappear from municipally owned properties and streets in Oslo city centre.


At the same time as the last private car parking spots disappear, 40 more spaces for the handicapped will be established, so-called HC spaces. HC spots are, as the phrase indicates, reserved for the disabled, bringing the total to 128 spaces reserved for this user group in the centre of Oslo.

City Council for Urban Development, Hanna E. Marcussen (Green Party), says the centre of Oslo is too poorly adapted for people living in Oslo that want to use the city, especially for children, youngsters and the elderly.

– Offering large areas to parking and noisy car traffic affect city life negatively. We will rather use the space for green areas, pleasant pedestrian streets, outdoor serving, playgrounds and benches, she states.

– Therefore, for a long time, we have been working to gradually remove all private car parking in the city centre. Currently, we are removing the last parking spaces for private cars, Marcussen continues.

Loading zones

At the same time, the number of business parking spaces will increase to 127, and several loading zones will be established for businesses.

– This will make it easier for craftsmen and those who deliver goods to do their jobs in the centre. For individuals, it will still be possible to use the more than 9,000 parking spaces available in the parking houses along Ring 1, the Green Party (MDG) counsellor goes on to say.

She says that the number of HC parking spaces in the city centre has increased by more than 50 per cent since the city council began to ban private cars from Oslo.

-It comes down to that everyone being able to participate in the urban life in our city, Marcussen exclaims.

Likewise, motorcycles cannot be left out on the streets of central Oslo anymore.


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