Top 5 Engagement Rings For Your Partner

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Top 5 Engagement Rings For Your Partner

It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to choose a life partner. The journey from engagement to marriage is the most beautiful. It is the time when both partners try their best to keep the other happy and make their big day memorable.

If you too want to surprise your fiance on your engagement day then a conventional engagement ring won’t do you any good.

You need to do something that is in fashion.

Choose a top-notch wedding ring for your partner that they would cherish for years to come. Also, pick one that is easy to polish so that the ring can look new for years to come.

Here are the top 5 engagement rings for your partner:

1. Pave Setting (For Extra Sparkle)

Engagement is no less than a sparkle in your life – why compromise on the ring? You can get a sparkling pave settings ring for your fiancé.

Such a ring has a diamond-surrounded surface that reflects continuous glitter. You can choose any gemstone of your liking but diamond appears to be the best.

The diamonds are held together by fastening them with tiny beads of platinum or gold. This enhances the sparkling and makes the ring look more luxurious.


  • Extra sparkle.
  • Most of the metal on the ring is hidden.
  • Various shapes are available.


  • Resizing is difficult.

2. Solitaire (Diamond)

It’s a classic ring that will never go out of style and would never cease to make your partner happy. It’s a symbol of beauty that can enhance your partner’s personality and make them feel loved.

The diamond attached to the centre can be cut into various shapes. Some prefer the square cut while some want to keep up with the conventional oval shape.

You can opt for a variety of shapes such as marquise, oval, square, pear, emerald or radiant. The right kind of shape cut will enhance the beauty of the diamond by making it more prominent.

To make it an up a notch, you can go with a heart-shaped diamond to express your undying love to your better half on the big day.


  • Optimal sparkle.
  • Displays superior craftsmanship and quality.
  • Available in a variety of shapes.
  • You can opt for a gemstone as well.


  • More expensive than most other options.

3. Three-Stone Ring (The Love Ring)

This is kind of a sacred ring which portrays the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of a relationship. It’s also called a Bostonian ring and each of the stone embedded onto the ring emphasizes love and relationship.

Commonly, this ring contains a large diamond in the centre and two stones on either side.

The stones are smaller than the diamond in most cases. However, you can choose the size as desired to add to the look.


  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Plenty of choices (for example diamond in the centre, ruby, and sapphire on the sides).
  • Gives a premium look.


  • Might look a bit bulky on some people.
  • Might seem a bit off with some dresses.

4. Halo Rings (Visually Striking)

This ring takes a step further when it comes to sparkle. A halo ring has a diamond or gemstone in the centre with lots of tiny stones or diamonds surrounding it. This presentation enhances the ring visually and emphasizes on the centre.

The ring dates back to 1920s but is quite in demand even today. Moreover, it looks good with everything and not just vintage or classic outfits. You can wear it with a modern outfit and still look good.

The cut and overall placement of the diamond is crucial in this ring. One can choose square, circular, oval or pear-shaped diamonds.

The idea is to try a unique design. You can choose a bigger stone for the centre and different surrounding cuts to enhance the overall appeal of the ring.


  • Tiny stones radiate from all the angles.
  • A variety of options (gemstones+diamonds, diamonds and silver etc).
  • Available in a variety of shapes.


  • Not everyone may like the vintage look.

5. Bezel Setting (Modern Ring)

Consider a bezel setting ring if you want to go for a modern style. It incorporates a stone or diamond wrapped onto the rim with platinum or gold edging at the corners.

The setting not only protects the diamond but also makes it look super shiny from all the angles.


  • Choose from a partial or a full bezel setting.
  • Premium look.
  • Available in a variety of designs.


  • A bit expensive.

The Bottom line

These are some of the most amazing rings available out there. The basic idea is to be creative and come up with a design that suits you the best. Choose wisely and make sure to pick the right size.

While diamonds are popular in Norway, you can select other stones as well, based on your budget, preferences and requirements.

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