From all of us to all of you

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From all of us to all of you

Many Norwegians grow up to the tune of Disney’s Christmas greeting “From all of us to all of you.” It certainly fills some of the waiting time for the children. Many grown-ups swear to that Christmas proper isn’t before they’ve listened to “Sølvguttene” on NRK.


Most countries in the world, especially those imbued with British traditions, hold off the celebration to Christmas Day. Norway is an exception by holding up the ancient Yule blòt tradition with a big family dinner on Christmas Eve. Although Christianity ”highjacked” the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, they failed in conquering the whole celebrations.

Christmas Eve is celebrated by most with a lavish dinner of pork rib, pinnekjøtt or lutefisk.

After digesting the heavy food, washed down with beer and aquavit, it is time for the children. High time to unwrap those gifts from Santa Claus!

Today, Norway is a diverse country with influence from many other cultures, turkey has, as an example, been added to the foods, albeit served by most on New Year’s Eve. This and other foreign influences have been added to the mainly Norse, Christian and Jewish traditions.

On behalf of the editors and other contributors to Norway Today, we will wish for a happy season to all our readers, wherever you may be.

Norway Today pledges to keep you informed about the small & big events if we can also in the future. We will remain unaffiliated, but will on occasion bring you articles written for us by our esteemed guest writers.

Special thanks go to our contributing translators, who give of their spare time to make it possible.

We are well aware that some of our stuff comes out as googlish, but with limited resources – especially timewise (!) – we make frequent mistakes. Also, errors are prone to happen if it is not an area of expertise.

That is about all we have to say for now except for:

“En riktig gledelig Jul til dere alle”


Tor-Ingar Østerud & Pieter Wijnen


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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