“Want to be handsome, try Helly Hansen”

Helly Hansen People's Aid Red CrossConditions can get serious on the beautiful island of Senja. Deep within the Arctic Circle, volunteers like Fred Arne of the Norwegian People's Aid must prepare for the worst. Photo: Helly Hansen

“Want to be handsome, try Helly Hansen!”

In this article, I want to introduce you to one of Norway’s most famous brands whose name is Helly Hansen. Follow me through this article in order to find out some interesting information about this brand.

One of the most famous Norwegian clothing brands is Helly Hansen, or simply HH.

You can see prices, designs, and models in the link below (references), which are very attractive.

Most of the people in Norway love this brand, but it is very expensive. The most important feature of Helly Hansen is joyful color, especially yellow, which is the signature color of the HH brand. This brand seems to be the symbol of Norway because so many people in the country use it.

A brief review of the Helly Hansen brand

This European brand is active in the production and sale of clothing and footwear and boots. The product quality of this brand is excellent, so it has a competitive edge with other popular brands in the European market. The founder of this brand was Helly Juell Hansen, in Moss in 1877. The headquarters of the company are in Oslo, Norway, and the manufacturing company is Canadian Tire. The company’s annual revenue is NOK 2.667 billion. Among the products of this company, clothing and winter boots are the most popular. If you want to be handsome in Norway, you should try this brand. This brand can give you a sense of quality satisfaction, including high quality, suitable for Norwegian weather. In the cold weather of Norway, you need a warm coat, snowsuit, trousers and a warm jacket. 

Norwegian proverb on the subject:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”

(Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær)



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